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Red House Childbirth Services assists you on the most important day of your life! I believe in you and I believe that you are able to achieve the birth of your choice. I have a wealth of knowledge and resources to offer, I would love to share them with you.

I am currently a DONA International certified doula in training. I have given birth naturally five times. One of those births was as a gestational carrier. I honestly love to give birth. I would go through it 1,000 more times, I just don’t think there’s enough space in the red house. Without knowing it, my husband and I employed the Bradley Method before we ever knew what it was. As I finish my doula certification, I hope to become certified as a Bradley Birth Instructor as well. I’d love to help other women find the joy that is hidden in natural childbirth. I am simultaneously enrolled in college (my first time at age 33), with hopes of becoming a midwife.

I have always viewed birth not as a medical event, but as a natural function of the body. Birth is an empowering experience for women, I would love to help you achieve this goal in a way that is right for you. Feel free to contact me via email, facebook, or on my blog.

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Funkstown, MD 21734
United States

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