Motherly Way Maternity Services

Motherly Way Maternity Services

Welcome to Motherhood! Pregnancy is an awesome gift from God. A time to enjoy creation, learn, heal and prepare for the greatest event of your life. We are so delighted that you are looking into your birth options. At Motherly Way we believe pregnancy is a normal healthy life process. A woman's body was created to do the work of nurturing and growing a baby, for the most part, without complications. It is our firm belief that most women will fall into a low-risk category and therefore can and should be delivered by midwives. It is only the select few that will have complications that necessitate care by a physician. Midwifery care is a specialized, personal experience directed towards keeping you and your baby healthy through good nutrition, personal care and monitoring.

We offer full service prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Including water birth and home birth, or you may choose to use our licensed birth center.

Please feel free to visit our web site for more information or contact our office to receive a free information packet.


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