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My name is Tracey Arwood and I am a Registered Nurse (RN), a Certified Health Educator (CHES), and an ACBE trained Doula. I have always been passionate about maternal health and the natural and amazing way a woman's body knows just what it needs to do to have a baby. Childbirth is a natural and empowering rite of passage and I respect every woman's individual journey through pregnancy, labor, and birth. I became a Doula after the home birth of my son to help mothers make informed decisions about their childbirth and to support a positive birth experience. My goals are to educate, support, and encourage both the mother and the partner, to decrease unnecessary interventions, and to help families bring their child into a calm and loving atmosphere. Please explore my website kcbirthmama.webs.com and contact me with questions and to set up a free consultation interview.
Oak Grove, MO 64075
United States

p. 314-458-5648


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