Crowned With Good Midwifery Care

Crowned With Good Midwifery Care
Providing Personal, Quality Care For Mothers and Babies in Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas (and Oklahoma sometimes too!)

My name is Emily Yoder, I am a Certified Professional Midwife.
I believe that pregnancy, labor and birth are natural processes created by God to bring glory to Him. Although God has made everything good, because of sin we do live in a fallen world that is not perfect. God in His mercy has given us the ability to learn and to study and to understand these natural processes that He has made, such as pregnancy and birth and to be able to apply this knowledge so that in most cases, we can have a healthy, safe, and satisfying pregnancy and birth. We are also able to recognize and prevent, naturally treat, or if the need be refer for special care, any complications that may arise during pregnancy, birth or the postpartum period. Birth is a very personal, family experience and I believe that each family should be able to make an informed choice of where and with whom they feel most comfortable and safe to birth their baby

What care should I expect if I ask you to be my midwife?
At this time I do most of my prenatal visits at your home. Visits are normally scheduled every 4 weeks in early pregnancy and then gradually closer as you get nearer your due date when I will normally see you once a week. If any problems come up during pregnancy I will do my best to explain what is going on and what we can or should do to remedy the problem. You will be able to decide what you feel is best for you  and if it comes to where you need medical attention I will accompany you in most cases if you wish. I normally have an assisstant that will come to several of your prenatals and your birth. When labor starts I will come to your home as soon as you would like to have me there. During labor I try to make sure you stay well hydrated and nourished so that you do not get to worn out as labor IS hard work. I will also try to help you find positions that work best for you, give back rubs when needed, be there for you when you need encouragement and give you space if you want more privacy or want to be alone for a while. You can decide how you would like to birth your baby—in the water or not—with friends or family present or just the two of you. I normally stay for 2-4 hours after the birth until everyone is doing well. I will return for postpartum check ups after the birth and try to always be available between time to talk on the phone or drop by if you need.

I look forward to continuing to serve mothers, babies, and families to the very best of my ability. May God bless you during this special time in your life 
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