Rebecca Davis

Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming new arrival!!!
When your birth matters, take matters into your birth. Birth Doula Service is one of those things to consider during a memorable moment such as childbirth.
I am a Certified Birth Doula (DONA).
I'm a mother of two beautiful children, with two extremely different births experiences,and a wife to a wonderful man who supports my
ever changing schedule.
I am very passionate about serving as a doula. Since 1995 when I found my love for birth and being of assistance to women, I knew what I was here to do. Some say this is what I was born to do, I have to agree because my heart is always in it and my soul thrives to see women find their inner strength and "girl power" :) ,also to see fathers growth through this as well.
I support childbearing women and their families emotionally, physically and offer information that is needed to create Positive Birth Experiences. I offer guidance, tips on positioning, comfort measures and make suggestions that will encourage and empower families.
I am respectful and supportive of your hopes and expectations about labor and childbirth plans. I support intimate relationship and by no means will displace the partner but offer an extra set of hands. I provide continuous focused support and a continuity of care.
I work well with the medical staff to help achieve the desired
wishes of the family.
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