Positive Birth Journey

Congratulations on your new addition to your family!! Giving birth to your new bundle of joy should be a joyful and fulfilling one. I honor this special journey you are on and would love to give you direction and guidance that validates your unique path in finding out the choices you want to make to experience this event in your own way. I offer group and private childbirth classes including free 24 hour phone support through your postpartum time. My classes focus on pain coping skills, what to expect in labor, relaxation techniques, how your support person can help you, the 5 to-do's for every contraction and much more. I also show birth videos and use hand on learning experiences for you to explore what your needs are in labor.

I also offer Bringing Baby Home workshops and Mastering the Mysteries of Love classes for parents to learn communication skills and practical steps to ensure your relationship stays strong as you experience the transition of becoming parents.

I also am an advocate for moms with postpartum depression and offer a step by step guide to finding recovery.

Contact me by phone or email: jennifer@vibranttransitions.com and I would enjoy learning more about how you want to experience labor and connecting you to local resources for making your journey into motherhood a positive and vibrant one! I look forward to being of service to your transition to birth and parenthood!

Specializing in childbirth education since 1998.

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Positive Birth Journey


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