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I have knowldege in the areas of : pregnacy,birth,medical terms,fetal & maternal monitoring , post-natal period, breast/bottle feeding & helpful techniques, fitness during & after pregnancy, nutrition, massage, relaxation techniques,aromatherapy and general duties to help you at home including - housework, meal preparation and discussing any problems with the new baby or your health.

I like to meet expecting parents & anyone of signifance relating to the Mum :) this first meeting is an informal get 'to know each other' and to stratagise a birth plan and talk through concerns and relative topics etc. I will be on call exclusively for the period 2 weeks prior to Estimated Date of Delivery and the 2 weeks following that should you exceed your Due Date ! However I will also make myself available to you via E-mail and phone support within reason :) Ofcourse I cannot intervene with your medical care,however I can explain anything that you are not familiar with and give you basic guidance.

When your big day does finally arrive I will meet up with you wherever you are the most comfortable at whatever time need be. I will pamper you with massage,aromatherapy and offer you continual emotional,physical and spiritual support. I will also include Dad into these activities ( if Dad is present ) and show him how to best relieve you and quietly guide him through a quick massage course :)

My service will not end until you are holding baby and you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident to begin breast feeding if that is your preffered choice. I shall then check on you before discharge and arrange a time to visit you at home. This visit will give you a chance to ask me any questions and basically re-cap the events that have unfolded. I will then give you a formal written report of the birth inlcuding a photographed series of progression if this is a request from you.

I recommend to all of my clients to always write down all concerns and questions and have them ready so we can deal with them promptly.

I also have some creative ideas for that lasting momento of your pregnancy / birth and new baby.

I offer my support as a Doula to help give you the happiest memory of birth as I know from first hand experience that it is near impossible for Health Care Proffessionals such as Nurses / Midwives and Doctors to provide Continual & Compassionate Care to laboring Women and their partners. After all pregnancy and birth is not a Sickness and we are all competent enough to get a fantastic outcome given the right guidance and care.

I have a wonderful family including 3 children aged 9 8 and 5 this year (2004) I have attended many births and truly believe that every birth is a miracle and should have the most happiest of memories. A birth is a spectacular union of two people and it should include minimal intervention and fuss! After all it is in our genetic nature to birth quite well un-assisted with the proper guidance ! I am enthustiastic with all aspects of pregnancy , birth and the post-natal period and I love coaching couples through that process whilst explaining all the medical terms along the way so they never feel left out of anything !

I offer many services during pregnancy and most importantly in the crucial post-natal period which is quite seldom over looked by many health-care professionals !

Please sign my guest book on feedback or other inquiries . THANK YOU :)

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