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Hello! My name is Michelle Ruebke. I am a Certified Professional Midwife, serving the families of Kansas since 1987 (21 yrs).

I required childbirth classes for my clients who are having their first baby or their first home birth. For many years I taught these classes in a 5-6 week course. This required time & travel on either my part or the families that I worked with. For a number of years now, I have found that these classes on DVD work much more conveniently for everyone. The classes taped are actually a series I taught in my home with couples planning both home and hospital births so interaction, questions and in-depth explanations are included. There are worksheets and information sheets that go along with each class. 

Since I view time as precious, these classes are not "how to be a good patient" or "how to blow like a train" but are packed with practical, down-to-earth information that you need to make wise decisions for a healthy, happy pregnancy, birth and postpartum/breastfeeding experience.

As I am a Christian, the classes include references to Scripture and Biblical advice. I feel that this is presented in a non-offensive manner and many non-Christian clients of mine have sat through the classes and found them helpful and interesting.

If you are interested in more information about these classes or would like to rent the series, please contact me. I am happy to ship to anywhere in the world. You can also see my InfoBlog site for more information:
4819 S. Hillside
Newton, KS 67114
United States

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