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Marie-Paul, a postpartum doula, is available to ensure the best in bonding and attachment following the birth of your baby. She will be there to support you and your baby in those first days of breastfeeding with the same love and care your own mother would. Utilizing the latest research, Marie-Paul will guide you, your partner and your newborn in having the most loving experience possible.

Marie-Paul has received certification with Nurse Kitty Frantz, a pioneer in biological nurturing, who brings forward the understanding of how babies best attach to the breast on their own. This core though provides the essence to good breastfeeding right from the start.

The newest research proves that babies are meant to attach to the breast on their own. This allows the rooting reflex to unfold thus creating self attachment and allowing for optimal brain development.

Marie-Paul has studied and understands pre and perinatal psychology. She can assist you in communicating with your newborn child in a way where no possible trauma can occur.

Research suggests that people deprived from sleep for too long can suffer from various conditions including depression. This postpartum depression can be avoided in several ways: 1) having loving professional support, 2) utilizing your own placenta to stabilize your hormone unbalance, and 3) having a full night of sleep, which your postpartum doula can support by taking over your breastfeeding role by using milk previously pumped by you, the mom. 

These final steps can be achieved by the assistance of a family member or by hiring a postpartum doula. This allows the new mom, who intends to solely breastfeed, to have the support needed 24/7.

Please call-- we are here to assist you in having a greater experience with your newborn baby.

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