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Not every birth plan is right for every mother, but EVERY mother has the right to know her options and to plan for and strive for the birth she wants. At Crafted Birth, we believe the first step to achieving your desired birth is to know your options -- if you do not know what is available to you, how can you make an informed choice? We can help you craft your own philosophy and wishes for your birth, guide you through the process of planning for your care, and with caring, skill, and a little ingenuity, prepare you for the arrival of your baby!

We offer comprehensive childbirth classes covering all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care, including medicated and non-medicated pain management. Breastfeeding and Infant Care classes are also available. Unlike Bradley or Lamaze methods, we tailor our classes to help each individual couple determine what kind of birth they want and what they can do to achieve it. Whether mom wishes for an epidural or a non-medicated birth, to breastfeed or feed with formula, is planning a vaginal birth or scheduled Cesarean birth, we help her plan for her care and build the skills necessary to have the birth she wants.

Crafted Birth classes take place in Northampton and Amherst, MA. Group classes encourage community support with other local pregnant women and couples, while private classes can be easily customized to your unique needs and schedule. All classes encourage discussion, skill-building, and practical, hands-on exercises and demonstrations.
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Crafted Birth - Childbirth Education


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