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After giving birth naturally to two babies in the early 80's, I began my birthing career as a Bradley Childbirth Educator and doula in 1990.  It soon became clear to me after Dr. Bradley "caught" my first child, that my passion would be to help educate, and assist women and families to have the best experience possible.  As a doula I was very priviledged to attend many beautiful hospital and home births in Colorado,Washington, and Kansas.  I  began an apprenticeship in Kansas in 1996, and in 2001 began my own practice, The Stork Associates.  In 2005 I returned to Colorado,and became a licensed massage therapist. 
In 2009, I decided to pursue a state license for midwifery in Colorado, and began another apprencticeship with Laura Luckett of Baby's Breathe Midwifery Service in Colorado Springs.  I am currently at the intern level, and will be taking new clients at this time.  I am excited to begin my second career in midwifery.
I became a traveling midwife after I realized that in Kansas the choices were limited.  I have traveled as far as 4 hours to a birth.  I am willing to travel because I do believe that women need a choice in childbirth care.  Because of the distance there are added criteria to my policies.  And of course differences in my fees.  I am willing to travel 4 hours or less.  I am also willing to look at any creative ideas that you may have. 
Thank you for considering my services and congratulations on seeking options in childbirth.  There are many to choose from.  It is one of the most important events in your life, and it is at least equally important that you choose the birth option that is best for you. 
 Contact me, Dana Allen McLaren for details, fees and services.
 Peaceful Birth to You!
Dana Allen McLaren

Colorado Springs, CO 80904
United States

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