Pauline Nardella RN, MPA, CCE is a Maternal Child Health Nurse with over 20 years experience in caring for and educating families about childbirth and parenting.  Pauline mantra is, "Knowledge is Power!"  Understanding the beauty of the human body, trusting it and working with your body to create a healthy baby and a safe birth is empowering for every mother and her family.  Pauline is an adjunct nursing professor and lectures, teaches and consults throughout the tri-state area.  
Childbirth classes include: 
Natural Childbirth Classes                                                                         
This is a comprehensive 8 week series of childbirth and parenting education classes.  Extensive lectures in the birth process, exercise, nutrition, anatomy, birth planning, cesarean section prevention, breastfeeding and baby care.  Numerous relaxation techniques are taught including massage, aromatherapy, visualization, vocalization and breath awareness.  Medication options are discussed as part of birth planning and birth choice. These classes will prepare a family for a hospital, birth center or homebirth experience. 

The philosophy of the class is based on the belief that birth is a normal and natural function of the human body.  Expectant women/couples need to understand the process that lies ahead but also and more importantly, to prepare for this journey physically, mentally and emotionally.  With the knowledge gained from the classes, many fears regarding birth and parenting are diminished and or relieved allowing an expectant mother to understand and trust the physical sensations she experiences. The coach or birth partner is taught how to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually support her throughout this wondrous journey.

HypnoBirthing Classes                                                                            This is a comprehensive 5 week series of childbirth, parenting and self hypnosis education classes.  Hypnobirthing® is as much as philosophy as it is a technique. It is a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that when a mother is properly prepared for birthing physically, mentally, and spiritually, she can experience the joy of birthing her baby in an easier, more comfortable manner.

The method is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not need to be a natural accompaniment of labor. The aim of the program is to build confidence in the mother and for her to have confidence in her own ability to birth her baby. The philosophy of the Hypnobirthing® program is to educate the mother about the wonders of her body, to eliminate fear, as well as teach her the skills to work with the birthing process rather than fight against it. In many cases it is fear that undermines the mothers confidence in herself.

The mother is introduced to techniques of self hypnosis utilizing controlled breathing, visualization and imagery to produce deep relaxation. The coach and birth partner is taught how to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually support her throughout this wondrous journey. Extensive lectures in the birth process, birthing options and numerous self- hypnotic & relaxation techniques are taught. Other topics include: exercise, nutrition, anatomy, birth preferences, cesarean section prevention, breastfeeding and baby care.  For more info regarding HypnoBirthing go to or the national website at:

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