Birthing Wisdom

I am the mother of three children and a Maternal Child Health Nurse Educator since 1982. After the birth of my first child I became certified in Natural Childbirth Education. I believe in the inherent safety and ability for women to birth their babies naturally. In 2001 I received HypnoBirthing Certification to begin offering more choices to women and their families. I teach year round and include group and or private individual classes in either Natural Childbirth or HypnoBirthing. I also offer sibling prep classes and review classes for mother's expecting the birth of a second child.

I am a certified lactation counselor and soon to be lactation consultant.  I counsel breastfeeding moms with all sorts of situations.  I also offer Parenting classes. These include:
Baby Care, Breastfeeding, Continuing Breastfeeding & Returning to Work, Introducing Solids the How, When & Why's, Infant Massage, Caring for a Sick Child, Infant/Child Safety & CPR, Attatchment Parenting & New Mother Support Group.  

I actively speak for College Nursing classes, Health Fairs, Parenting Groups, Hospital Staff, Midwifery Practices and LaLeche League. I am also an active member of ICEA, BirthNet, March of Dimes Regional Speaker/Volunteer, CIMS, LLL and ICAN.

Rockland County is located centrally in Southern NY State. 20 miles north of NYC, 5 miles from Bergen County NJ, 5 miles from Westechester County NY and 25 miles South of Orange County. NY.

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