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I am an apprentice-trained midwife. I have assisted at births off and on since 1983. During that time I became a certified childbirth educator, and certified childbirth assistant, gave birth to two of my own children at home, and spent 17 years practicing as an RN. I have assisted at about 150 births as a labor & delivery nurse, and as either the primary or assistant midwife at over 100 planned homebirths. I completed requirements for licensure as a New Mexico midwife and Certified Professional Midwife in 2002.

I offer careful, thorough prenatal care; on-going nutritional counseling; childbirth education; one-on-one labor support; expert birth assistance; complete newborn exam; breastfeeding assistance; comprehensive postpartum care; and access to my lending library and herbal pharmacy. I am sometimes available to travel outside the Albuquerque area. Learn more about my services at 

At Hummingbird Midwifery, our hope is to inspire you to look forward to birthing and parenting with consciousness, self-confidence, and joy.

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