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You’re about to bring a baby into the world. Congratulations!

Birth is an exciting and exhilarating experience. One that was created long before technology. While we’re thankful for what technology can do for us in emergency situations, birth is a normal, natural life process and it benefits both mother and baby to keep it normal and natural.

MIDWIFERY SERVICES: Birthing Center or Homebirth with a licensed midwife is becoming the "ultimate birth choice" for many couples. Studies show that out of hospital birth is equally safe and likely more so than birth in a typical hospital. With less technical intervention and more emphasis on prevention, education and counseling, low-risk women typically birth in strength and joy! Midwives co-partnered with the birthing couple equals the "Midwifery Model of Care."

Services We Offer

~Providing information and practical alternatives so you can give birth with confidence, strength and joy.

~Helping you decide what’s important to YOU and working with you to reach your goals.

~Providing physical comfort measures in working through your contractions, including relaxation techniques, touch and massage, emotional support, variations in positioning, water birth and other labor support techniques.

~Providing expert assessment of normal labor and birth. Complications rarely occur in healthy, well nourished moms, but if they do, we carry emergency medical equipment and are prepared to handle this. We can assess if more technical services are necessary and can implement quick emergency transport if needed.

~Helping your partner/spouse ease into his roles of coach and father.

~If unexpected medically necessary changes occur, we will make sure you understand the benefits, risks and alternatives of any intervention that are suggested.

~Comprehensive prenatal, birth and postpartum care.

~Breastfeeding and bonding assistance.

~Extensive lending library.

My education/experience is as follows:

I am a mother of 7.

I am a licensed midwife in the State of South Carolina as well as a Certified Professional Midwife.

I have been working in both home and hospital birth settings since 2000.

I also have almost 10 years hospital experience in several departments including labor and delivery and emergency.

I would love to discuss your birth goals and help you achieve the gentle birth memories you desire. Feel free to call me to simply inquire or schedule a consultation.

Thanks and all my best to your new family~

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