Joyce Kimball, Birth Services

I have two children; David, born in a hospital with a CNM in 1995 and Julia, born at home in 1999 with a CPM; and a wonderful husband, Mike. Though I was once a Human Resource Director, in 1998 I changed careers and started to attend births as a birth doula and home births as an apprentice midwife.  I am a certified DONA birth doula and provide physical, emotional, educational and advocacy support during the childbearing year.  As a childbirth educator, I provide group, private, customized, VBAC, refresher, bedside and/or homebirth childbirth education classes that meet your needs.  In February 2002, I had completed an intensive apprenticeship and Midwifery Studies Program and opened my own home birth midwifery practice.  In February of 2008 I passed the national Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) exam and become a licensed CPM.  I attend on average two or three births per month as either a doula or as a midwife, in a variety of settings; homes, birth centers and hospitals.  My life providing birth services is a joy to me.  I would be honored to be with you and your family during this childbearing year in whatever capacity you and your family need.