Terri Hultman, CNM

My main goal is to educate women and their families about themselves and their birth experience. I feel the time I spend with women and their families
is a springboard to the rest of their life. Midwives as providers can affect women in a positive way by assisting them in their life long job of parenting.

I am just like you. I want to do a good job and have a positive effect on the people I meet during each and every day.

I practice in the foothills of Missouri, I have never seen a homebirth and I feel it is because God wants me to make hospital births more humanistic. I am NO longer
practicing at Freeman Hospital because our philosophies about childbirth were just too different. I appreciate as little medical intervention as possible. Although, depending on the the woman, I am as open minded as a practitioner can be. Anything to make your birth experience the BEST. "Your Baby, Your Way" is my motto. I discuss all options and encourage birth plans because I feel I had my births the way I wanted, so I am here to assist women in having the birth experience the way they want....... "Your Birth, Your Way"

1401 S Park
El Dorado Springs, MO 64744
United States

p. (417) 483-2136
p. (417) 876-1185


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