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Hello, my name is Sandra TallBear.  I am a Certified Nurse Midwife. Birth is a sacred calling for me! I am God’s apprentice for life,  and a spiritual midwife. My practice is family oriented and God centerred. I have almost 20 years experience and have seen many beautiful births.  I have also had the opportunity to work with many complications of pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and post partum. I also do well woman exams and assist with contraceptive choices such as the "Standard Days" method, the femcap or Mirena. I encourage you to visit my web site to  read my philosophy of care and how I want to serve you to meet your own birth, health and wellness goals.  I also have birth art on this web site,  and a few birth stories that may demonstrate to you more of who I am and the sacred nature of your birth. Feel free to call for an interview! I apoligize if I am difficult to reach by phone, but I will call you back.  

My goal is to empower women!

All women and their families are welcome!  I do not discriminate based on a person’s beliefs or their own spiritual practice. God has called me to serve everyone. What I ask from my mothers is a commitment to their health, their baby's health and toward a healthy birth outcome. With that commitment, there is so much we can accomplish together to make your birth dreams a reality.  I know this is your birth, and you want it to be special, it is my goal to serve your needs and partner with you to meet your goals.

If you are interrested in an awesome home birth or water birth,  you can call and leave a message. I will return your call. Visit my web site.

For women who aren't interested in a home birth, But are looking for a unique prenatal experience while they wait for medicaid funding I offer "Centering Pregnancy" classes bi-weekly to the community.  Women recieve full prenatal screening and education while making friends and hopfully having an enjoyable social prenatal experience.  1-512-846-1345, leave a message and repeat your phone number twice if I am unable to take your call.  Again I apologize if I am unable to answer the phone when you call.  Your call is important to me.
226 Sylvan St
Hutto, TX 78634
United States

p. 512-846-1345


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