Childbirth the Way Nature Intended

Certified nurse-midwife (CNM), certified doula, and childbirth educator, practicing since 1997. We offer a complete line of natural childbirth support services, including home birth delivery, doula service for hospital births, childbirth classes, holistic well-woman care, and natural family planning. We are based in Libertyville and serve Chicago, Lake county Illinois, south-eastern McHenry county, Cook county, and in south Kenosha county of Wisconsin.

During pregnancy, we provide couples with information about their choices in childbirth. We also educate them on proper nutrition and exercises, to help the pregnancy be more comfortable, and also to make labor easier.

We believe that birth is a natural, normal event in a woman’s life, not a medical condition that requires treatment. Each birth is unique and should be allowed to follow its path
without interference. When the birth process is honored in this way, 94% of births can be accomplished naturally.

Natural childbirth is the most joyful way to give birth. It enhances the new family’s bonding. We do all we can to help mothers give birth naturally. We emphasize the importance of preparation and practice by providing my clients with relaxation practice CDs/tapes, books, and videos.

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Childbirth the Way Nature Intended


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