Carolina WaterBirth

Who delivers at Carolina WaterBirth?

Midwives are the primary care providers at Carolina WaterBirth, but any physician who encourages women to deliver naturally is also welcome to deliver here. If you hope to experience an unmedicated birth, you may consider asking your physician to deliver your baby at Carolina WaterBirth.
We will listen to your desires.
Honor your birth plan.
Provide comfort and support.

Carolina WaterBirth is a new birth center in Simpsonville, SC.  We are close to Greenville, SC and are located just off interstate I-385.  We also do home births!  Our midwives and midwife assistants are Licensed through the department of health licnsing. 
The birth center accepts Medicaid and most insurance coverage.  We would be delighted to give you a tour or answer any questions that you may have.

Currently no midwives in Anderson
Birth Center off of I-185
Anderson, SC 29626
United States

p. 521.0169
p. 864.329.0010


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