Carolina WaterBirth

Whether you want a midwife or doula, birth class or breastfeeding advice, a home birth, hospital birth or birth center birth; Carolina WaterBirth has something for you. We have the experience of midwives and the equipment to make you feel safe and give your baby the gentle birth they deserve.

What will I experience at Carolina WaterBirth

We will listen to your desires.
Honor your birth plan.
Provide comfort and support.
Birthing Suites are equipped with  time honored pain relieving techniques that will help you cope with your contractions.
Heated Birth Tubs: 
We call these tubs the midwives epidural because they are so effective for relieving transitional pain.
We have intermittent monitors that can be used in virtually any position (including the tub) so that you don't have to stay confined in the bed.  Freedom to change positions will speed your labor and ease your pain.
Birth Balls:
For even more position changes to help you get comfortable.
TENS Units:
Electronic Vibration for lower back pain. 
Warm Compresses:
Prevents episiotomies and relieves pain.
Patience, Support, Privacy and Respect

915 South Street
Near Greenville, South Carolina
Simpsonville, SC 29681
United States

p. 864.329.0010
p. 877.419.5929
f. 864.228.2221


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