Karen Robinson, CPM, RM Homebirth Midwifery Care

Providing gentle, respectful, family-centered midwifery care for pregnancy, birth and six weeks postpartum. I was a doula supporting families through hospital birth for 7 years, began training as a midwife in 2004, and received my license to practice in 2008. It is my strong belief that birth can happen safely at home; and I'm grateful to know there is good medical care available when it's needed. My goal is to help women understand the choices they have, the risks and benefits involved in each, and support their decisions while maintaining a watchful eye as a guardian of normal birth.

Please contact me for information on my fees and to set up a complimentary consultation.  Or, check out my website at BoulderMidwifery.com
1249 Lambert Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026
United States

p. 303-665-7997


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