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The Centre offers certification training in HypnoPregnancy and   Birthing (HPB) for practitioners, and classes and private sessions for expectant mothers/couples.

The program uses guided visualization and breathing exercises, body sensations understanding and self-hypnosis techniques to help the expectant mothers go through the pregnancy, the stages of labour and the birth, as well as provide them with post-birthing strengths. The course helps the women communicate with their baby throughout their pregnancy and solidify the bond between the mother/parents and the child. During the program, the women are encouraged to address emotional issues or concerns, and, if necessary, the women might be seen individually (for a discounted fee). 

The HBP course consists of enhanced and evidence-based hypnotherapy exercises for pregnancy and childbirth; the program contains progressive relaxation, hyperempiria, double induction, Gestalt-based visualization, dream inducement, mindfulness, meditation, Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) and NLP exercises to reframe, desensitize and cope with challenging situations while maintaining a balanced and positive attitude during labour and birth. The expectant women are advised to begin the program earlier in the pregnancy (15-20 weeks). The program includes 5 meetings. The women/couples have the option of attending a sixth session, after giving birth (for a separate fee) to address post-birth issues (i.e., lactation, weight loss, fatigue, etc.). 

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