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My Services

You may have a home birth or birth at a free-standing birth center.
I provide:

  • The midwifery model of care:
  • Respectful treatment, personal attention, (prenatal visits that last from 30 to 60 minutes or more), plenty of information, appropriate monitoring, confidence in your body, natural techniques for comfort, and a caring provider who stays with you.
  • Prenatal care in your home or at my home office.
  • I believe that good prenatal care will help reduce your risks.

Why I became a midwife...

  • I have worked with birthing women since 1991.  Not liking how women were being treated by the medical community, I began to look at other birthing choices. When I had my children, I had wanted a home birth, but could not find a midwife to attend my births. 
  •    I want to be sure all women had choices.  I decided to become a Midwife. I believe birth to be a normal process, designed by God.

My Philosophy of Care

I believe:

    • God / YHWH is the great physician, (Exodus 15:26 "For I am the Lord, who heals you."), and that He is in control of ALL things.
    • That life begins at conception.
    • You the mother and you the father have been given this little one as a gift, and it is up to you to learn all you can about your pregnancy and birth. You are in charge of the decisions. I, as a midwife may suggest and guide, but I support the decision that you make.
    • Prenatal care should begin early. Healthy moms and babies in the prenatal period, result in healthy moms and babies at birth.
    • Giving birth is a family event. I think that you should educate yourself about pregnancy and birth so you make informed decisions. Where you give birth and with whom you choose to have attend your birth is your personal choice and you have the right to make this choice.
    • Pregnancy and birth is not a illness or medical event.
    • How you birth this little one, as a safe and gentle birth, will have an impact on his/her life.
    • How you care for yourself during this pregnancy will affect the health of this little one, and the birth process.
    • I believe that Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in control and I am their servant.
    •  You are responsible for your outcome,  for the birth and you need to take charge for the decisions you make.
    • A Little about me

      I am a mother of 5 children, all grown and 4 of them are married. All 5 were home educated until reaching the high school level where they decide to stay in home school or attend public school.   I have 5 of the most beautiful grandchildren!
      I service Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) providing the Midwives Model of Care, certified in CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation.
    • I am member of:
    •  Indiana Midwives Association (IMA) 
    • Michigan Midwives Association (MMA)
    • Midwives alliance of North America (MANA)  
    • National Association for Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM)  
    • The Christian Midwives International (CMI)
    •  I currently serve on the board of the CMI and IMA.
      Prenatal care
      is done in your home or my home office. I do  home births and birth center births.
    • is an option with my services. I find that mothers relax very well when they labor in the tub. 

    • I am a Christian midwife. Midwifery is a calling, one of the highest callings. GOD/YHWH designed our bodies and I believe birth is a normal process, if left to proceed as HE intended.  I believe that man's many needless interventions only cause problems.  There are many wonderful tools from the medical community that are important if needed, but I do not believe that they are needed on a routine basis. But if needed, I am ready to respond and take action to keep the birth safe for you and your baby. Your baby needs a safe and gentle beginning.
      I want to get to know my clients, so my prenatal visits are an average of one hour in length once the initial visit is done. I limit my practice in the number of clients I serve, so I have enough personal time to spend with each of you.
    •    All birthing choices are yours to decide on. I do have a number of books, videos and other supplies to lend to my clients. If I am unable to meet your needs, I will work to introduce you to one of the many midwives that I know so you will have the birth you want.
      You may reach me at 260-367-1544.
      My web site is


  Sometimes I will travel a greater distance for births.  This will depend upon how many births/women I have due during the time of your due date.
  I do pregnancy art, belly casting, paintings, and photography.  These are done at my home, except for the birth photography.  Again this will depend upon how many clients I have due during that time you need this type of services.

Sturgis, MI 49091
United States

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p. 260-367-1544


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