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Lisa Gussack CNM, MS/Director,  Kathy Herron CNM, MS

Robin Bradley CNM, Jackie Kuschner CNM, NP, MS

We are certified nurse-midwives offering holistic health care for women from adolescence through the senior years. Our approach is gentle, compassionate, and respectful. We encourage and value your participation in all aspects of your care. Office visits occur in a comfortable and unhurried environment, allowing ample time to understand your concerns and to answer all questions.

Can you imagine looking forward to your yearly GYN exam? We can change that! Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our thorough care includes a complete history and physical, Pap, blood work, referrals for mammograms or other tests, and prescriptions as necessary. All methods of birth control are available. We treat common problems such as infections and menstrual or sexual issues. We use standard medical treatments as well as herbs and referrals to alternative practitioners.

Pregnancy is a time of profound physical and emotional changes. We support and nurture you through this time. Prenatal exams, lab work, and counseling are done at our office. Births are at Phelps Memorial Hospital, an extremely family-oriented community hospital. Supportive staff and liberal policies allow us to tailor your care to your particular needs and wishes. A midwife will support you throughout your labor, in whatever way feels best for you. All methods of pain relief are available, from tub, shower or massage to epidural. We have access to the best that medical technology has to offer. However, we strive to use it wisely--only when there is clear benefit-- and you will always be a part of all decisions. Should medical consultation be required, we collaborate with two very supportive OB/GYN physicians who can assist in your care.

Our services include well-woman gynecology, pregnancy and birth, fertility support, adolescent health care, menopause management, and primary care for common health problems. Evening appointments are available.

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