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Our belief is that childbirth is a normal, natural function of the female body and that healthy women are capable of giving birth with education and support in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Our goal is to assist each individual woman in achieving the birth experience that she desires
What to Expect from the
Midwifery Model of Care:


Prenatal Care

* Monthly, Hour Long Visits to Discuss Pregnancy Concerns
* Nutritional Guidance
* Childbirth Education
* Lending Library of Books, Videos, and other Resources
* Recommendations for Diagnostic Technology when appropriate
* A Preparation Visit at Your Home
* Back Up Plan for Emergencies

Labor & Delivery

* Respect for Individual Preferences
* Support for Family Members and Friends
* Encouragement and Guidance to Work With the Forces of Your        Individual Birth Process
* Freedom to Eat and Drink
* Freedom of Movement as desired
* Comfort Measures for Pain Management
* Appropriate Monitoring
* Water Birth if desired


* Respect for Family Bonding Time
Breastfeeding Assistance
* Immediate Newborn Assessment
* Healing Herbal Bath for both Mother and Baby
* Sharing of Natural Mothering Techniques
* Follow-up Care for Mother and Baby

Cathy Dowd is an apprenticeship-trained midwife who has been practicing in the tri-city area (and beyond) since 1993. After giving birth to her own four children at home with the assistance of a midwife, Cathy felt called to serve women who also choose to give birth in their own homes. She apprenticed with two different midwives over a period of four years before starting her own practice. Cathy is a lactation consultant, a massage therapist,and has attended 700 homebirths.

New Life Midwifery is based out of
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