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Sharon Hamilton, L.M., L.M.T.  has been licensed to practice midwifery and massage in the state of Florida for more than 25 years. She has attended approximately 2,000 home and birth center births.  She provides  prenatal care, home birth or birth center delivery, water birth, childbirth classes,infant massage classes, and prenatal massage.  She is committed to safe, natural, individualized care for mother and baby.  She also works with several Obstetricians in Broward County who can provide consultation or care in hospital when necessary.  She is past president of the Midwives Association of Florida and currently serves as Vice-President of the Broward County Healthy Start Coalition and the Breastfeeding Coalition of Broward County.

I believe in what I call the Wellness Approach to pregnancy and birth, keeping yourself healthy just like you would at any other time in your life by exercising, eating well, thinking positively, taking vitamins and educating yourself in preparation for birth and parenting.  I also subscribe to
"woman directed birth" meaning mom is in charge because her body intuitively knows what is best for her and her baby, i.e. moving, rocking, walking, changing position, darkening the room, using music, aromatherapy and imagery during labor.

There are no drugs known to be safe in pregnancy.  A woman in labor is pregnant, meaning there are no drugs known to be safe in labor.  Epidurals, Pitocin and other medications used routinely in labor in hospitals can lead to fetal distress, Cesarean Section and associated complications.  Maternal Mortality is rising in the US for the first time in recorded history due to the overuse of Cesarean Section and obstetrical technology.  Natural Birth is not for everyone.  However, women have been having babies at home for thousands of years and we know from research today that planned birth out-of-hospital with a licensed practitioner is as safe or safer than birth in hospital for the low risk mom and baby. 

Have the birth that you want in the safety of your own home or the birth center.  Learn relaxation skills to achieve your goals, i.e. hypnosis, massage, breathing, use of water in labor, positioning, aromatherapy, music etc.  I serve Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County.

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Sharon Hamilton, L.M., L.M.T.
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