Gentle Birth Options, LLC

$0At Gentle Birth Options, we nurture authentic caring relationships with our clients while utilizing the best practices in the women'shealth care discipline based on current research evidence. $0 $0 $0Homebirth $0 $0We offer prenatal visits in our office. Our Certified Nurse Midwife and assistant are available for your home birth. Our home birth package includes: •Prenatal visits. •Prenatal testing and laboratory work.•24-hour on-call services for labor and emergent needs. •Privacy and respect for women and their families, with continuous hands-on assistance during labor and birth, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. •Water birth services. •Continuity of care, with no separation of mother and baby. •Newborn exams. $0 $0 $0We also offer Well Woman Care $0 $0•Annual Exams •Yearly Paps •Physical Exams $0 $0Pre-conceptual counseling •Blood Work •STD Testing •Contraception$0 $0 $0Contact us for more details $0 $0
4400 Highway 20 East, Suite 206
Niceville, FL 32578
United States

p. 850-279-6778
f. 850-254-1922


  • Childbirth Educators
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Holistic Practitioners

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