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I am an Arkansas Licensed Midwife, and a Certified Professional Midwife. I have been Licensed in Arkansas since 2002, but have been interested in homebirth and working with childbearing women for the last 29 years. I began my journey into midwifery with my first homebirth in 1980 and apprenticed for a while at that time. As things became more demanding, I decided to back off and concentrate on raising my children. During that time, I still taught childbirth classes and attended hospital births as a doula. I officially began my apprenticeship again in 1997. 

I absolutely love being a midwife!  I feel God gave me the desires of my heart when He called me to midwifery.  He has opened many doors for me and closed others and everything has been in His timing. 

I offer Comprehensive Prenatal Care, Gentle and Loving In-Home Birth Assistance, Waterbirth, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Education and Assistance, and Postpartum Care.

I have a special interest in Waterbirth and have tubs available to rent.  The comfort of the warm water can promote deep relaxation, reduce anxiety and relieve pain, studies have indicated that waterbirth cuts the pain of labor up to 50% (midwives like to call waterbirth the "Midwives Epidural")  Water is very comforting to a laboring woman, The buoyancy of the water makes it easier for the woman to move around and get in positions that widen the pelvis for an easier descent of the baby. Water also helps relax the pelvic floor allowing it to gently stretch, reducing the risk of tissue trauma. Babies born in the water are able to enjoy a gentle, natural transition, from one warm aquatic environment to another. 

I am centrally located in N.W. Arkansas and serve the whole N.W. Arkansas area.  I also travel to N.E. Oklahoma, and S.W. Missouri. 

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Lucy Ferguson, LM, CPM
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1131 Lariat Dr.
Centerton, AR 72719
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