Richmond Virginia Home Birth

Mary Callender, CPM, LM has been helping birthing women in the Richmond, VA area have empowered birth experiences since 1997 and is now providing home birth services as a licensed Certified Professional Midwife. Richmond Virginia Home Birth provides traditional midwifery care utilizing one on one prenatal, birth, and postpartum support as defined by the Midwives Model of Care. Mary is a graduate of a MEAC accredited midwifery school. She served as student midwife under 7 different preceptors around Virginia and for two months at a high volume birth center in Utah.

Mary supports normal, healthy women having water births, home birth after cesarean-including more than one cesarean, and natural birth. Mary uses herbal and homeopathic remedies rather than pharmaceutical medications. Her extensive experience as a doula and monitrice mean she has a number of physicians and allopathic practitioners to turn to if referral is necessary. Midwives commonly recognize many variations of normal and are able to recognize impending problems in the pregnancy earlier on than medical personnel would. Mary specializes in non-interventive birth and teaches her clients that birth is a normal physiological process that is best left to begin on it's own.

Mary has also been the leader of ICAN of Richmond since it's inception in 2001 and now leads the River City VBAC Support and Cesarean Prevention monthly support group for women desiring a VBAC.

Richmond, VA 23236
United States

p. 804-382-8222

Richmond Virginia Home Birth


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