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I am a new midwife in the Central MO area, near Columbia.   I am finishing up my clinicals and taking on my own clients in a partnership with my dear friend and mentor midwife/naturalpath/herbalist.  I have been studying birth, herbs and natural healing for over 10 years.    

We offer homebirth services which include waterbirth, where we bring the pool to you.  I am a VBAC mom myself and have a passion to serve VBAC mommas, as so many are losing the option for natural birth.  We have also delivered breech and twins. I wholeheartedly believe you have the power within to birth as this is how we are created.   I do what I do to empower women and give them options!

I am open to serving women in the role of doula for hospital birth.

Placenta Encapsulation is another service I offer and highly recommend!  I strongly encourage all women to take advantage of this amazing supplement.  I wish I'd known about this when I was having my own children.  

I offer all services that pertain to pregnancy and birth.  Feel free to contact me for more information.  You can also visit my website at for more detailed information about my services and experience.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for taking the right step in your care by searching for a holistic provider!   

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p. 573-239-0047

Mothers Embrace


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