Dear 2 My Heart

 The birth of a child is such a special time in someones life. No matter if this is your first child or seventh (wow!), each birth/child is special and unique in their own way. Childbirth classes gives you the information you need to have a baseline of what to expect. These classes are not just for those wanting to have a natural birth. You will learn different coping mechanisms to deal with the pain (even if you plan to have an epidural). There is no one way or right way to give birth. Birth is so unpredictable. It's however the baby decides he/she wants to enter the world.

Come join me for what will be educational and fun-filled classes. These classes are informal and taught in the comfort of my home, in Cambria Heights, Queens, NY (border of Nassau county and easily accessible by major parkways), or can be arranged to be brought to you in the comfort of your home.

Our motto: