Birth Works, LLC Midwifery Care & Woman's Wellness

I am a traveling home based CPM practicing in central MO.  I am a holistic minded midwife. 

I practice, and believe in informed consent. I know that KNOWLEDGE is POWER. I work hard to involve my clients in every aspect of their own care. 

I BELIEVE pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum are normal physiological events. As such these important life changing events deserve professional, quality care with complete respect, and integrity.  


101 Barnes Street
Pilot Grove, MO 65276
United States

p. (660) 441-8818

Birth Works, LLC Midwifery Care & Woman's Wellness


  • Birth Doulas
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Midwives
  • Midwives, Will Travel
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Birth Photos
  • Natural Parenting
  • Pregnancy Photos

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