A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery

A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery is compromised of a team of Midwives, Apprentices, Birth Assistants, and Doulas. Venessa Giron, the administrative midwife, is a Certified Professional Midwife and she has participated in over 500 births at home, in birthing centers, and in the hospital since 2000. She is passionate about her ministry of serving women in their desire to birth naturally. As a senior, experienced midwife she is also enthusiastic about sharing her expertise and wisdom in the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship and has participated in the training of over 40 students. Venessa is also fluent in Spanish.

Venessa believes the midwives' model of care results in less chance of complications, fewer interventions, and a healthier birth for you and your baby. She offers:

    * Respectful treatment
    * Personal attention
    * Plenty of information
    * Appropriate monitoring
    * Confidence in your body
    * Natural techniques for comfort


                     Services Include:

    * Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Care
    * Labwork
    * Sonogram Referrals
    * Well Woman Care
    * Breastfeeding Support
    * General Childbirth Education
    * Delivery of VBACs in    Oklahoma and Missouri
    * Waterbirths
    * Homebirth
    * Birth Center option
    * Payment Plans available
    * Insurance accepted

10130 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK 74133
United States

p. 8178974876


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