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I am a DONA International certified Postpartum Doula, a certified Mother Roaster through Sacred Postpartum program, and an expectant parent educator.

As a DONA Certified postpartum doula, I provide nighttime (overnight) care with loving support during first 12 weeks after the birth of your baby, often referred to as the fourth trimester. I provide support for families in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. A postpartum doula focuses on providing space for a new family to bond together while helping the mother heal from birth. In addition, a postpartum doula helps guide parents with confidence and support as they experience a long list of firsts.

As a certified mother roaster, I am charged with supporting mothers after the birth of their baby. Pregnancy is a heated state for a mother as she is warmed by the baby and her extra blood volume. When the baby is born, the mother is quickly cooled. As a mother roaster, I provide warming support to help return the mother to a warmed state to help hear heal physically, emotional and spiritually. I help new mothers honor the transition from maiden to mother and warm her to encourage healing. In do this through various services to support the mother as she heals from birth and becomes a mother. As a new mother, you deserve to have the support you need to honor this powerful transition.

As an expectant parent educator, I teach classes focusing on educating expectant parents in breastfeeding, infant care, and postpartum planning. I am confident you will find a class that fits your needs as you prepare to welcome your new baby to the world. Classes include breastfeeding and pumping basics, baby care basics, babywearing basics, postpartum planning, and so much more. My classes are offered in Alexandria and Falls Church VA.

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