Complete Beginnings Childbirth Services

Be an active participant in your pregnancy and birth by asking yourself: 

Where do I want to give birth?
How do I want to give birth?
How do I want to be treated?
What risks come with my birth choices?
How do I want myself and my baby to be cared for after the birthing process?
How can I overcome my fears of what my birth may entail?
What can I do to move past my previous traumatic birth experiences?
Why would anyone plan to birth a baby without an epidural?
What type of experience can I have that is different than the typical hospital birth?
Complete Beginnings Childbirth Services offers complete education and support for the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. By experiencing family centered home birth midwifery care you can emerge from this life changing experience- informed, supported, and empowered. DyAnna Gordon is a Certified Professional Midwife in St George, Utah and Cedar City, Utah and can help guide you through these exciting changes.


    I believe that a woman has an innate ability to birth her baby.  It is a normal physiological process not a medical event.  Women are often astounded by the options around them when they are nearing their time of birth. I believe that when women are given all their options, they will choose what is right for the health of their baby. I believe those present should trust the woman to know what is best for her and her baby. This leads to a sense of satisfaction and responsibility which follows them through the rest of their life. I believe in the value of women in service of other women.

There are many factors that play into a woman's choice for her birth.  Her emotional, physical, and psychological well being should be taken into account and her wishes supported.   Not fear, but understanding and intuition should be the motivating factors for her choices.  I believe all women have the right of loving support from her partner and if she desires a doula.  This is not a change she must undergo alone. 

My goal as a midwife, doula and educator is to provide women the skills and knowledge they need to have the birth they desire.  I believe birth is an amazing normal and natural experience and the birthing mother should be treated that way as well.

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Complete Beginnings Childbirth Services


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