Mama Bear Care Doula Services

Mama Bear Care Doula Services provides care and support to all families, no matter what your definition of family may be. 

PrePregnancy Doula services were developed to support to those trying to conceive and needing someone to talk to that has been where they are.

Birth Doula services provide informational, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the first few hours after. By having a doula by your side, providing the benefits and the risks to you, you are able to make informed decisions.  How can you make the best decision for you and your baby if you do not know what all of your options truly are?

Childbirth classes are more important that many people realize these days. So much conflicting information is being put out there and it is hard to separate fact from fiction.  This course was developed to give you the true information that you will need to prepare for one of the most important days of your life.

Placenta Encapsulation has been around in various forms for centuries.  Current day preparations have developed to the point that the mother is able to benefit from the amazing healing powers of the placenta long after birth.  What medical society feels is garbage after the baby is born, holds the ability to heal the mother from all of the body trauma and loss of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from birth.

Belly Casting is a wonderful way to preserve your current form.   Soon after the baby is born, you will forget what your body looked like. By having this casting, you can preserve your memories with a piece of artwork that will last for a lifetime. 

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Mama Bear Care Doula Services


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