Talk Story Midwifery

I see myself as the protector of mothers and babies.After having a homebirth with wonderful support I started to offer friends the same experience.I have 5 children with varied birth experiences from hospital to water labor in a cabin.Women have an innate knowing of how to birth their babies.Being a midwife allows me to offer support when needed and knowing

when to step back and allow the mother freedom and protection at the same time.After helping friends for several years I went to school to refine my skills and knowlege.I studied massage,polarity therapy,homeopathy, herbs,midwifery,family planning,how to treat autism,horticulture,faux painting,mosaic work and resuscitation with Karen Strange.Karen has that special knowing about babies and waterbirth.I practice with my mind and my heart.The Hawaiin language has a word.To know with your mind and your heart.manao.I am a granny midwife who practices midwifery with manao.If you want support thru pregnancy,labor,birth,breastfeeding contact me at