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DD Doula is owned and operated by Deena Danielson, a native of Clear Lake, Wisconsin.  After high school, Deena joined the Army Reserves and lived on the east coast for a bit.  That was enough for wanderlust to kick in.  


Deena lived all over Wisconsin including Barron, Janesville, and Green Bay before moving to Chicago.  After several years in the city (and several bitter cold winters), Deena craved a change and moved to hot and sunny Austin, Texas.


While living in Austin, Deena met her husband Brandon.  When Deena was pregnant with their first child she felt a bit overwhelmed. Deena realized that she knew close to nothing about childbirth and breastfeeding.  It had been fifteen years since she was around a newborn for more than a couple minutes.  Deena met several obstetricians, midwives, and doulas.  She went to mom's groups, conferences, and workshops. Deena immersed herself in everything about childbirth.  It was a whole new world!  


In October 2012, Brandon and Deena had an amazing home birth and welcomed Evie into their lives. Deena was hooked on birth and convicted to help other mothers have the birth they desired.  Deena developed a passion for birth and pregnancy.  She did lots of research on birth and even had a local birth blog.  


Deena was active in the Austin birth community and helped support several friends throughout their pregnancy and birth. She pursued education and studied to become a doula.  At the time, Deena chose not to do doula work full time and focus on raising their daughter.  


As their family grew, so did Austin.  When Brandon and Deena planned to have a second child, they decided to leave the bustling and crowded city and move to the Clear Lake area to raise their family surrounded by family.  


The Danielson family currently resides in Amery and welcomed their second daughter, Emmy in May of 2015.  While on maternity leave, Deena decided the time was right to pursue birth work full time and started DD Doula Birth Services.


Deena is honored to serve the Amery area and greater Northwestern Wisconsin.  As the premier birth service of Polk County, she is proud to always be adding to her services to better support her hometown community.  Deena is currently expanding your birth knowledge by pursuing several certifications through ProDoula. She is also studying to become a certified lactation counselor and pursuing certification through the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants.  


When Deena is not absorbed in birth related books--she enjoys cooking, sewing, and being outdoors.   She is often found at home playing with glitter, finger paints, and homemade play dough with her daughters.   If she can get a sitter (hint-hint mom), Deena enjoys a good sushi date with her husband, Brandon.  Deena also has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.   She loves being "back home" and does local volunteer work with her dad and uncle supporting the local food shelf and volunteer fire department.

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