Paula Schnebelt, LM, CPM

Hi, my name is Paula Schnebelt and I'm a licensed midwife and certified professional midwife who has been helping women design their custom childbirth experiences in Napa, Sonoma, Marin counties and the surrounding area since 1999. My staff at Midwives Childbirth Services are more than qualified to guide your childbirth experience based on your personal, customized birth plan. Having presided over more than 500 home births, including water births, I've seen and successfully managed every situation under the sun, and I myself have given birth to 5 beautiful daughters; three of them were birthed at home and one was a water birth.

My desire and goal is to aid women in discovering the beauty and fulfillment of birthing naturally, in the familiar comfort of their homes. I hope to inspire others through education, support and encouragement. Birth is a time of divine beauty for women and their families, and I love assisting them with making informed choices for their pregnancy, labor and birth; and helping them to explore their options. I am a firm believer that you deserve to give birth in the way that YOU want, and I am committed to supporting you in tailoring your birth experience to your unique needs and desires.

Midwifery first called to me when I became pregnant with my second daughter and discovered the difficulty of finding a midwife who would support and attend me for a home birth. The midwife I finally found after much searching suggested that I apprentice with her so I could assist other women in her community who might also desire to explore homebirth as an option.

I was once asked what I liked best about her work. After reflecting for a few moments, I realized that it is that moment when baby and mom and dad meet for the first time. The baby is born and placed upon the mother’s chest and she and Dad look into their baby’s eyes for the first time, and the baby is gazing back--seeing his mother and father for the first time. It is such a magical moment, and such an honor to witness.

If you feel drawn to meet me and see if we would work well together, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In loving service,

Paula Schnebelt, LM, CPM

Napa, CA 94559
United States

p. 707-287-2822

Paula Schnebelt, LM, CPM


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