Twice Blessed Encapsulation

Why should I have my placenta encapsulated?

-Can curb postpartum depression (baby blues)

-Replenishes nutrients

-Shown to increase milk production and quality

-Increases energy after birth and combats fatigue

-Helps stop/lessen postpartum bleeding

-Natural iron supplementation

-Helps with insomnia and sleep disorders

-Helps contract uterus back to normal size

-Can slow postpartum hemorrhaging

The latest breakthrough in natural birth is utilizing the amazing placenta for exactly what it was designed for—the nourishment of both baby and mother. Did you know that almost all mammals consume their placentas after giving birth? Mother Nature knows best! The Chinese have been using the placenta for centuries to heal postpartum mothers. It’s as easy as popping a capsule!

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Twice Blessed Encapsulation


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