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My name is Heather.  I have completed birth doula training through Birth Arts International, and am in the process of completing the last of my requirements for certification.  As a mother myself, I also have the experience of my own three, very different, labor and birth experiences to draw upon.

I believe that birth is a natural, beautiful, and transformative process, and that having caring, non-judgemental support is the key element in having a truly satisfying birth experience, no matter where your baby is born or who your birth is attended by.  Your birth is your own---it is not my job to tell you how your birth ought to go, but to support whatever decisions YOU make about your care, and to help you have a satisfying birth experience as YOU define it.  

I would love to speak with you about the benefits of having a doula for your birth---prenatal consultations are always free.  I can be reached via emal at OrdinaryMiraclesDoula@gmail.com.  
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Ordinary Miracles Doula & Childbirth Services


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