Beautiful Bumps Midwifery

Beautiful Bumps Midwifery

My name is Victoria Edwards and I am a British Registered Midwife now living in Elk River Minnesota. I am married to Per and together we have seven children, two girls and five boys.
I am now ready to serve women in the Elk River and surrounding area and am offering a competitive all inclusive package of care incorporating a FREE of charge initial consultation, all prenatal and postnatal (up to six weeks) care, two qualified midwives at the birth, all birth supplies including a professional standard birthing pool and discounted rates for early payment.

 I grew up in Oxford England and lived there until August 2010 when we made the big move to the USA. In 1997 I qualified as a teacher and taught 10 and 11 year olds for the next eight years. However I always felt that teaching was not my true destiny and that midwifery was were my heart really lay.

In 2007 I applied for a place on the prestigious, ‘Midwifery Honors Degree’, course at Oxford Brookes University. I studied midwifery for three years, combining academic qualification with practical work experience, both in a busy teaching hospital, caring for high risk women and in the community setting, caring for women opting for home birth, or birth in a midwifery unit. Although I enjoyed many aspects of hospital midwifery, I quickly realized that my real passion was for community midwifery, were I had the opportunity to get to know the women and their families and care for them in a more holistic and natural way.

I have loved every moment of being a midwife and find it an honor and a privilege to care for women through this amazing and life changing journey that is pregnancy and childbirth. I thoroughly enjoy working with women and their families to achieve the birth experience they desire. I feel that although I have experience in all aspects of midwifery care outlined in the British model, working with women who chose to birth at home is wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding. I really enjoy and have experience in water birth and hypno birthing and find that these work well in the home setting where a gentle calm atmosphere can more easily be achieved. I am also a trained breast feeding councilor.

One of my reasons for becoming a midwife was that I was fortunate enough to have some incredible midwives caring for me over 23 years of childbearing and I know what a difference a good midwife can make to a woman’s experience. My aim is to be that person for other women now and support them as they grow and achieve greatness!

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