Special Delivery Women's Services, LLC

My name is Kris Harper.  I am a certified professional midwife licensed by the state of Tennessee. My job is to evaluate you at your prenatal visits to ensure you are staying low risk and will have a successful home birth.   I provide prenatal care, labor/birth and postpartum care to my midwifery clients who desire to have a home birth.  With my prenatal package, all testing and laboratory work is included. The total maternity package is $3500 and payments by cash, check or card is accepted. Payment plans welcome.

For those wishing to have a hospital birth and cannot afford a physician and who would otherwise be without prenatal care; I provide transitional care for $25/30 min + lab fees.  You keep a record of your appointments so that when it is time for you to go to the hospital, you can prove you had some prenatal care. If you wish me to stay with you as your doula in the hospital, then that needs to be a separate agreement or if you decide to have a home birth, that too is a separate agreement.

Childbirth classes, doula services-both labor/birth and postpartum services are available from my assistant. Mom-to-mom support to heal from birth trauma is also offered.

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Special Delivery Women's Services, LLC


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