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My name is Bridget Pelkey Bragg. I'm a certified professional midwife and the very blessed mom of six children. I serve a radius around Gloucester, VA including Richmond and the Hampton Roads area. (If you have questions about whether you're in that radius, please contact me!) I offer prenatal care in your home as well as a specialty in water birth for those who desire that option. As well as midwife clients, I also accept a limited number of doula clients and teach HypnoBirthing and natural childbirth classes. Past clients have remarked on my serene nature as well as a willingness to listen and cater your birth to -you-. I do not come in with any agenda, instead you get someone willing to enthusiastically support your desires and make your birthing everything you desire. 

 I believe there are a few key elements missing from pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting today. Time, respect, and consciousness. I believe that time is required to really listen and get to know the other person. This is why I highly encourage my clients to call me with their concerns or to linger after class if they need to discuss something privately. For my homebirth clients, your prenatal visits are as long (or short!) as you need them to be. We will work together.

Whether it is 3pm or 3am, I want to be available to help. Respect is a necessity, respecting another's choices as -her- choices is vital. It is your birth, not mine. I do not force my beliefs upon anyone. I respect a mother's (and father's!) instincts too much to assume my way is the only way. Plus, having experienced a variety of births myself I know there are sometimes unexpected situations that arise.

Conscious pregnancy is so important. Recognizing the mother's needs as well as the baby's needs (inside and out of the womb). It's not selfish to spend time on self-improvement, it's good mothering! For some this is learning how to carve 15 minutes out of their day for relaxation. For another, it is learning new cooking methods to add green vegetables into her diet. Pregnancy is a fantastic time for growth and I urge all moms to take advantage of it.  

Please contact me today so we can set up your initial consultation. 

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