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Placenta – Miracle Medicine for Mothers


A placenta is a bridge of life between a mother and a growing fetus. As the carrier and transporter of nutrients and life force energy, it is natural to consider how one might use a placenta after the baby is born. Historically placentas have been used in a variety of beneficial ways.

Like any other organic, nutrient-dense materials, placentas can be buried to decompose and feed plants. One Polynesian practice that has been readily accepted in this country is the practice of planting the placenta under a fruit tree. This gives an anchor for the child and a tangible reminder of “home.”

For centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, powdered placenta (known as Zi he che) has been used to tone the liver and kidney meridians, nourish the blood and raise the individual’s essence or life force. Modern science proves that placentas are a rich combination of protein, minerals, micronutrients, oxytocin, estrogen, progesterone and ganadotrophins.

The placenta as medicine has been shown to be useful in all the following ways:

Preventing “baby blues” and postpartum depression,

shortens bleeding time,

restores lost hormones,

nourishes the blood,

replaces depleted iron,

reduces overall recovery time for baby and mother,

boosts immune system,

enhances milk production,

helps mothers with separation issues as the child ages,

and is helpful in managing menopause.


Various preparation processes are possible for placenta medicine. To assure maximum retention of vital nutrients, it is best when prepared within 24 hours of the birth.

How to use placenta as medicine:

QUICKEST CONSUMPTION OPTIONS:                                                                                           If a woman is bleeding heavily after giving birth, it is extremely helpful to take a small piece (about 2 tablespoons worth) of the placenta and blend it into a smoothie for the mother’s immediate consumption.                                                                                               The placenta can be made into a first meal for the mother, cut into small pieces and made into stew.                                                                                                              It could be ground and cooked, then added to the mother’s meals – disguised in savory foods like lasagna, spaghetti, musaka, scrambled eggs w/ sausage, etc.

For the LONG TERM we suggest drying and encapsulating it.                                                                                          When drying, the placenta is first treated with medicinal herbs then sliced and dried in a dehydrator or oven. When it is crispy-dry it is ground and placed into capsules. It is usually ready for consumption within 1-3 days.                                                   The prescription traditionally used in Chinese Medicine is that the woman should take 2 capsules with a small glass of white wine up to 3 times per day until she feels balanced after the birth. (The white wine is believed to help the nutrients disperse to all areas of the body.)                                                                                                                             Capsules can be used anytime the mother and child experience issues of separation; like when a child gets their first tooth, takes their first steps, their first day of school, etc. Some of the medicine should be kept for future use, as it is believed to ease the physical discomforts brought on by menopause.


Even if you are certain that you will not use the placenta for medicine or fertilizing a tree, the “tree of life” on the baby’s side of the placenta is a beautiful rememberance of the child’s life in utero. To make the print the placenta is cleaned and painted. Then a piece of art paper is pressed onto the placenta, lifting a print of the baby’s view of the source.

To have your placenta turned into medicine, contact

Kris Dillon at Dancing Tree Center

(303) 678-8779    or    (970) 613-0306

$100.00 processing fee

($25 discount for clients)

Loveland, CO 80537
United States

p. 970-613-0306
p. 303-678-8779


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